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7/24/06 - The Beauty Scene Outlaws have contributed a song to the CD "This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio Vol. II" check the BLOG for details!

8/12/05 - We're now on MySpace so add us to your friends list!

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from the forthcoming CD
"You're Soaking In It"
*cover art pending*

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Yes, we know the picture above is the fabulous TsuShiMaMiRe not us but we figured they were more cute & click-able than we are..
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Your Soaking In It

Chuck... Are You A 10 Year Old Girl?
Rock As A Hobby


Stolen From Potsie: The BSO Live 1999-2004
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12/29/2007 - At Metropolis Underground - BSO 2007 Holiday Pageant!

See the BLOG for details


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